January 1999

January 31, 1999

Sorry Nate, they lost. (Nate was hoping Atlanta would win). Denise and Nate motored down to Sarasota Bay last Friday night!!!! Neither had done it before alone, but they made it!!!! I had to teach MBE’s in Deland on Saturday but Denise and Nate did not wait for me and took off. I drove down Saturday night. Nate drove the car back and Denise and I came back tonight. We ran into a 15 minue rain but it was nice and warm and we had no trouble. We but have to work tomorrow. I have added three new pictures (from Denise’s brother Charles) on the picture page.

January 28, 1999

Time is flying! I am taking an evening class from 4 til 10 every evening. My days at work go quickly then class then bed! Denise and Nathan are happily awaiting my return at 10:30, which is nice.


This was the message when I came home last night. He will get a $2000 bonus for going in!

January 24, 1999

We almost got off to go see Dad and Mom L. yesterday, but we got stopped by the wind! It was blowing 20 miles per hour and we could not safely get out of the slip, much less get down there! We started to go, undid the lines and found that the wind was so strong that we would have banged up against the other boats and smashed our boat before we got out. SO we ate lunch in the boat and imagined we were on our way, then went to see the movie “Patch Adams”. I give it 5 stars. We laughed and cried and were very proud of him.
Today the tide is out and we cannot get out of the marina, oh well, we are getting a lot of things done. I nee