October 1997

October 31, 1997 update

Denise’s kids at the hospital trick or treating:

Trick or Treat!

We spent the evening at Tyrone Mall, there must have been a thousand trick or treater’s all circling the inside of the mall!

Thanks for the birthday card Mom H. The office gave me a birthday party today! The boss purchased breakfast for everyone and we all took out an hour to eat and swap stories! They got me a load of snacks for a gift, then all came in to have some during the day!

October 31, 1997

October is over already! The holiday season is upon us!

This week has gone fast as well, Denise has recovered from her all-nighter and my boss is returning after a week away. I have a pile of things I have accomplished to show him!
Both Denise and I are in shock with the verdict of guilty for the British nanny. We have been watching snatches of court TV and were convinced of her innocence. Her cries at the verdict were heart rending.
Another thank you is in order, Mom H. for the fudge!

Try this site! http://www.pcworld.com/workstyles/online/articles/oct97/1510tricks.html

October 28, 1997 (update)

Today was a good day but tonight has turned out differently! Denise called me at work and said that she would be late getting home tonight, so I worked an hour late myself. When I got home, De