February 1998

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February 26, 1998(update)

Denise is up in Ohio tonight, my boss took me out for dinner!

February 26, 1998

I changed out the picture of  Dan, Candy and family (below) …..please write me a note to tell me if there are any problems with it!! Thanks.

February 23, 1998

Mom and Dad L. came over yesterday, bringing a Christmas gift from Dick and Helen, what a nice surprise!! I added a picture of the beautiful brass fireplace set they sent us to the pictures of Dan (below). Thank you so much Dick and Helen!!!!!!!!!

Cute joke Dan, no I won’t say those to the cop (except the one about doing 125, that I could have said!).

February 21, 1998

We went up to Mom and Dad H’s last night. Dan and Candy and kids had arrived back from their visit to see Mickey Mouse. We cleaned all morning and I baked two loves of bread. We napped for a while this PM. More pictures of Dan etc.

February 19, 1998

I came home tonight and Denise was here! She had cooked dinner! We ate and then both fell asleep on the couch. Denise has been getting a lot of  praise at work, she is impressive! We now are watching a bit of the Olympics.
Oops, Denise just got a call, heart transplant time, she will be on the phone for the next hour!

February 18, 1998

Dan was not to impressed with his first day here but th