January 2000

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January 30, 2000(update)

I got dad’s old computer working again! The 5 1/4 drive is so old it will not match the new systems, so I will take it back to him and he can use it until it dies! I also have both of my computers running but I think I have a bad NIC card or something, they can see themselves OK but not each other! Never ending!

Beautiful weather!!!

Carol has sent me some genealogy data but I have had little time to incorporate it, thanks Carol, I WILL get to it!!

January 30, 2000

We took the sugar free brownies up to Dad H’s today! Darrell and Marilyn came up as well and we had an imprompto birthday part for dad! We decorated the porch and had a fine time playing cribbage and looking at pictures. Dad blew out the candle on the brownies after making a wish! Darrell let Denise and I take the Honda Goldwing for a run, Denise loved it!
We brought home a pile of oranges and grapefruit from dad’s trees, and dad’s old computer. It was an old “portable” IBM (a 286 MHz) that dad has been playing with for years. It must weigh 50 pounds and needs 120 volt current, so, it may have a handle, but it hardly is portable. The hard drive finally cannot boot it. I decided to scavenge the 5 1/4 drive out of it to maybe work with legacy data (if the need ever