I am frequently asked why I spend time pushing back against religion.

The fact, is I would not care one little bit what anyone believed, if those beliefs were not harmful to others. And keep in mind I am talking about RELIGION in general, not just Christianity. What do I mean?

Here are several cases in point that will hopefully make my message clear.

A friend’s sister died unnecessarily, because she put her faith in god rather than medicine and doctors. She, the family members and friends all prayed fervently for her recovery. They felt that neither drugs nor treatment were necessary. The just knew and felt God would come through…that he would save her. But he didn’t. She died anyway. But here’s the thing…An imaginary deity didn’t kill her. BELIEF, reliance and faith in the supernatural did.

I have, too, often read stories of children, who were denied medical care in favor of prayer and, as a result, they died. Why? Because their parents believed their faith-based actions were biblically based…that God was more powerful than medical science…that to NOT rely 100% on God would be blasphemous…that to choose treatment over faith, would be contrary to the Biblical teaching. Their parents’ slavish BELIEF in god killed the child.

Countless soldiers have died fighting what are essentially religious wars, with each combatant trying to prove their God was better than their opponents’ God, that theirs was more powerful, more valid than some other invented God. People who blindly BELIEVED in their own gods’ supremacy are responsible for casualties of war. Religion is/was the impetus.

Medical science is making rapid progress…breakthroughs, which hold promise for eventually curing a number of terrible dise