September 1999

September 25, 1999

Darrell sent some pictures of himself , Marilyn and kids:

Looks like they are having fun!

Nate went to the Navy and signed on! HE IS IN THE NAVY NOW! He will ship out Oct 24-25 for basic training in Chicago – he would rather ship on the 13th – 14th so he can be back for Christmas, they will see. He plans to be a petty officer (E4) within a year in advanced electronics in San Diego!! He will be getting college credits in basic electronics, electronic circuitry, safety, digital theory, micro computers, LAN security, fiberoptics, test equipment, troubleshooting techniques, synchro servos, digital electronics, microprocessors, 3-d radar, AC and DC motors and generators, advanced digital electronic programming, and component level analysis. All that in 45 weeks. When he ships out on the aircraft carrier, he can finish his degree onboard. He wants to get a bacherlors in psychology and then a Masters and PhD. “You can call me Doctor Nathan then” he says.

September 22, 1999

Great news! Nathan and Christine to get married and have a baby! January 2000 is the tentative date for the wedding and the baby tentatively could be named Nate or Natalie. Nate has decided definately go into the Navy and will be sworn in on Friday Sept 24!!! Congratulations to them both!

Denise and I will be going to New Orleans on Oct 2 and 3 for a quick visit. Brett’s wife will be having a baby shower on