Bible Repeats Example #2

Example #2 is a comparison of Psalm 18 (supposedly written 1410-450 BC) (red underlined), to 2 Samuel 22 (written 400+ years later 931-722 BC) (red strike out). Remember that the black type indicates words are are exact in the two.
In general the writer of 2 Samuel left out a few things and changed the wording of others. The wording changes could have been scrivener changes during translation.

Again, the question is why? Psalms is praising the Lord. 2 Samuel 21 is talking about the famine and the giant in Gath. Then in 2 Samuel 23 back to day to day things. I guess 2 Samuel just liked the Psalm and copied it.

Not too much was added or deleted other than:
1. sorrows of death changed to waves of death (newer)
2. foundations of hills were shaken changed to heavens were shaken.
3. Secret place left out.
4. Thick clouds and hail stones were left out.
Hail stones and coals of fire left