December 1999

We made it back!

December 29th. It was super cold (in the 20’s) when we arrived in Chicago last Wednesday. We made it to Nathan’s graduation, quite a spectacle in a big building. Nate had two hours off after the graduation so we took him, Christine, Christine’s mother Carol, and Big J ( a classmate of Nate’s) off to dinner. We had just time enough to eat, then we had to get the two Navy men back to their barracks.

December 30th. On Thursday Nate, Christine, and Carol knocked on our door at noon. We had a surprise for Nate and Christine: the use of our room for the afternoon and evening! We had it all decorated up and had food and drink for the two of them.  The three of us then left the two of them and went shopping for the little things which still were needed for the wedding. When we got back they had ordered pizza, but it got there almost too late as Nate had to get back to the ship. 

December 31st. On Friday morning was the wedding! I was the photographer with Christine’s video camera. I filmed all the Navy guys that came and all the goings on, Denise took the camera into the room where Christine was getting her gown on, then I took over again and filmed the whole proceedings. Christine had a beautiful white gown with fur trim. When the ceremony was over, we wished them well and they took off i