March 1999

Here it is March 28,1999 already.
Tried calling Amy and Dad, just got answering machines. Guess that is good, they are out and about! We had a good weekend again, two weekends in a row out in the boat. We went out Friday night, stayed on the boat overnight. Went ashore Saturday and hiked the beach, then lay in the sun and relaxed. We had smore’s both Friday and Saturday nights, cooked hotdogs over a campfire last night for the first time in eons. Decided to leave Shell Island about 8PM to come home. I tied the dingy to the stern for about the hundredth time. We had gone about a half mile when I noticed that the dingy was gone! We turned back and found it aground on Shell Island, just waiting patiently like a dog waiting, knowing we would be back!

No other adventures, just home for the weekend. We got up this morning, had breakfast and cleaned house. Looks fabulous now!

Glad Jim and Michelle are getting situated.

Donald wrote:

Hope you are all fine. It’s been a while, so, here’s an update from the left coast… After ten months on the market without a single offer, we finally got two serious parties interested in buying the house. One bowed out prettyquickly, but we accepted the second offer. Closing is scheduled for June 19 to allow the kids to finish the school year. We got an unpleasant surprise when they did the house inspection. It turns out that the builder didn’t backfill under the house properly and the crawlspace is 2″-3″ lower than thefooting drainpipes (at the base of the foundation) allowing that much water to accumulate under the house in wet weather. We have an estimate to dig new drainage ditches and place a su