Update 2017
Roz made it across the rest of the Pacific with less problems, then went on and paddled across the Indian Ocean!
Roz had broken all of her oars on the transit across the Atlantic. As a joke I had given Roz a Hawaiian paddle. She said that she could not fit it onto her boat, so would I hold it for her. On June 4, 2017 I was able to give the paddle to her in her home town of Windsor, England.

HAWAI’I !! 2008

For those who do not know, Roz Savage is the young English lady who rowed across the Atlantic and has now made it from San Francisco to Hawaii (one million strokes) and essentially around the globe. see www.rozsavage.com  

She credited me with saving her life as I got the JUNK to resupply her with water and a watermaker when her water supply had run out, her two watermakers had quit, and there was no one else available to help. She then was successful in completing the final 600 miles without incident. 

Roz had tried the San Francisco to Hawaii row in 2007. She was 100 miles offshore when she ran into some bad weather and her boat (the Brocade