July 1999

July 31, 1999

This has been an interesting time. We have had many changes. I did not pass my last two exams and will need to take them over. The main computer at work failed, twice, once last week and the other the week before that. I have spent many long hours getting all the pieces back together. As of 10AM yesterday I finally had it together and all systems were go. I had purchased a new computer for a new temporary person at work and gave him my computer just before this, thus in the last two weeks I had not set up my own computer and had no computer at all for me to work on! Many times I update this home page during lunch hour at work, but have not been able to do so lately, neither have had the time or the computer!!

Denise has completed her first course toward getting her masters and has had a treatment on her face. She looks 20 years younger! She says she would not do it again.

Nathan has had the greatest change of all. His girlfriend of four years from California came and spent two weeks with us. She proposed to Nathan and he accepted. After adventures with us sailing etc., she went back to California, then came back yesterday. The two of them packed up his things and this morning they left in our van (which we gave to them). They will be traveling to see his father and sister today in Washington DC, then a week from today the two of them will meet us in New Hampshire where Denise’s parent’s 50 Anniversary party will be held. The two make a great couple. Nathan completed his stint with the Salvation Army yesterday, they gave him a great going away party with hand-made cards from each of his kids. He will be missed, especially by “little Nathan”, a