April 1999

April 29, 1999

It is our 4th wedding anniversary today! We went out for dinner!
Today I went to Hillsborough County for a meeting, Chitester may be farming me out to the County again, this time for 7 to 12 months! I will be acting as the Director of their pavement maintenence program.

April 25, 1999

Denise had a good time at her surprise birthday party yesterday, Amy had sent a book, Denise’s parents came up and several of Denise’s co workers came over.

Today Denise and Nathan entered the St. Anthony’s Triathlon!!! The pictures below are of Denise and Nate, and Chuck and Theresa Loiselle, then Denise half way through her 26 mile run (after their 1 mile swim and before their 6 mile run!). Last Nate as he is finishing! He beat his mom by 10 minutes, Denise beat her last year’s time by an hour!!!

April 18, 1999

I will let Donald have the floor:

   Hi everyone, and John go ahead and put this on the web page.
   Not much new to report from the West Coast.  The weather certainly
changed quickly, though.  Last week we were in the normal wet winter pattern
with most mornings in the low 30’s.  All of a sudden a gigantic high
pressure system covered the western part of the country and this week we
have had clear days that reached into the low 90’s.
   The kids are fine.  Stephen is having a great time playing with his
friends in a large fort that they