August 1999

August 31, 1999

Just to catch up on the month,
Happy birthday Jim, Trevor and Nicole!
Happy Anniversary Charles and Joslin and Dan and Candy!

Our adventures this month:
Johnathan purchased our sailboat “Flight Deck” and sailed her away.
Denise and I flew up to New Hampshire on the 6th. We stayed over with Anne and Richard until the 11th. We partied with the Loiselle’s at the 50th party, then drove Charles and Joslin to Boston to catch their plane. We went to the “Basin”, a walk up the mountain, saw “Old Man of the Mountain” then went on a wild hay ride! I drove the horses and Denise rode one! Bruce Locke owned the team of horses “Mike” and “Mac”. I then made a cribbage board and Dad L. and I got to play. The kids went to play miniature golf and we went antiquing. We had fun. Dad L. and I went to Rockingham to watch and bet on the horses.
On the 12th we drove up to Sue’s in Northern Vermont. We picked apples for a pie and raspberries to eat. Walked to the pond and went to see Sue and Al’s newest land purchase. We stood on the dock and a beaver came closer and closer to us!!! We walked to see AJ’s and Michaels cabins. AJ has a neat water wheel which provides them with all their electrical power! Sue and Al get their power from the sun.

We flew back to St. Pete and then on Monday the 16th, I flew up to Bangor, Maine – my birth place!! I even saw the hospital where I started this life. Dave picked me up in his 4 passenger airplane!!! We had a great ride, flying over to his home. We had a great chicken dinner, I was successful in getting rid of a wasp nest, too.

On Tuesday Dave and I built the