October 1999

Oct 31,1999


Hi everyone,
   Things are getting busy out here in California as we lead up to the
holidays.  I’m flying up to Washington every three weeks and I’ll be up
there for the Thanksgiving weekend.  In the middle of November I’ll be going
on a business trip to Japan for a week.  This time I will mostly be in
Kasashima, a small town on the west coast of Japan directly across the
country from Tokyo.  I’ll also be in Tokyo for a couple of days.
   Stephanie and Stephen are fine.  Stephanie should be getting her SATs
back next week and is planning on applying to the University of Washington
and possibly Dartmouth.
   I am gliding again and had a great day down in Hollister today.  I want
to clarify a point John mentioned on the web page: I had been flying with
instructors a lot since I started gliding, at least 17 days of lessons.  On
the trip where I injured myself, there were two instructors supervising the
group (this was a sponsored trip).  I’m not flying with instructors now, I’m
just starting at a very low level and plan to get a lot more experience in,
plus fly a more suitable glider for me, before I try anything like that
advanced flight again.  Gliding instruction is very critical, but I am past
the basic lesson stage and just need to get a lot more flight hours in.
   That’s all for now.  I hope you all had a spooky Halloween.

October 26, 1999

As promised, here are a few pictures: