April 2001

April 20, 2001

Letter from Dan:

Dear John and Denise,

 Just a quick note to tell you I reached a milestone in my flying
 career.  Yesterday during a lesson, my flight instructor told me he wanted
 to get out, he said he wasn’t needed.  So after 15 hours of lessons, I
 soloed.  Before I took off, I told the Ground controller that I was a
 student pilot and he asked me if the instructor was aboard.  I told him I
 was soloing.  He said he would alert the tower (I think he alerted the
 fire and rescue personnel too.)  I made three take off and landings (not
 real pretty) but without any problems.  After the second take off, the
 Tower had me do a right hand traffic pattern and then put me in line with
 other plane coming in for a landing.  They made it a little more difficult
 but I was able to comply and it was fun.  What a blast!!  My legs were
 shaking the whole time and I almost knelt down and kissed the ground when
 I got back.  Afterwards, the instructor cut the back of my t-shirt off and
 wrote my name, the date and drew an airplane and runway on it.  He will
 pin it on the wall in the classroom along with others there.
 Now it’s on to getting my actual license.  I’m continuing lessons and now
 can fly out of Bangor when the weather is reasonably good; all by
 myself.  Speaking of weather, we are getting a wet raining snowy day here
 in Maine.  Trying to get Pirate’s Cove open for this weekend and this
 doesn’t help much.
 Love Dan