November 1997

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November 29, 1997

What grand leftovers!

We are working hard on some data manipulation  and graphs for Denise, but took a short break for some turkey and all the fixings, we still have some left! Denise is reading her e-mail and I am sending off this update. The weather is horrible! No sun, a slight drizzle every one in a while, but it is warm, in the upper 70’s.
I can’t wait for my friend to loan me the disks for Visual Basic again. I feel lost without being able to create! Hope your creation worked for you Dave and Dad L. I had completed a phone dialer the night before the crash but had not saved it to FLOPPY disks yet though!
We may go to Sarasota tomorrow, I guess. Denise went shopping last night for clothes. Her big time out!! I  don’t think she bought much though.
Thanks for the complimrnts and notes Don, Dave, Mom H., Peter Butt, etc.

Peter writes:

What a surprise to be included in the Herrick family network. I will fill
everyone in with some of our family in the near future. Next week a new
kitchen is being constructed and suprevising electricians, plumbers, and the
carpenters will, no doubt, keep me busy .. and Ellen wants it done
yesterday. Every trademan says three or four days is all they will need.

November 28, 1997