March 2000

March 27, 2000

We had a great time at Longboat Key yesterday, got Dad L’s home page advanced a way. ( Denise and her mom got some music in, mended my clothes and talked. Theresa and Charles went out in their boat on Thursday and Theresa caught a 20 inch trout! They did’t take pictures but did say it taste great!

March  26, 2000

We had a great bike ride yesterday, up to Dunedin and back (about 30 miles or so). This time they had an art show in Clearwater! We stopped there and walked around for a while, then continued to our usual destination of Dunedin. Sometime we will have to meet up with Darrell when we do our bike ride! We always seem to do it on the spur of the moment though. No great adventure this time, just stopped in at an Amish store on the way, they have a great rootbeer float! Home made ice cream and all!

March 24, 2000

Mike, Molly, Michaela and Beth at Busch Gardens

Michaela and pal eating out of her hand.

Whole crew Dad H., Den