After 9-11-2001,  I spent six months analyzing Building 7. The insurance companies (there were several, all of whom shared in the liability) had insurance on the contents, the building and on “business interruption”.
Interestingly enough they did not have a limit on the business interruption and were paying out a million dollars a day, theoretically forever, as the building at that time was not going to be rebuilt.

The insurance companies had a meeting. One of the members stood up and said that the damage was due to terrorists, and thus they did not have to pay out anything. The rest agreed, but realized that they would never do any business again if they held that position.

I was asked to determine how long it would take to rebuild. The insurance companies then were going to use my number to negotiate a settlement.

When WTC 1 collapsed, the cladding went over WTC 6 and smashed into WTC 7.

WTC caught fire. The fire department had too much on its hands, and so left the