April 2000

rose1__bloomingA.gif (21302 bytes)It is SPRING!

April 30, 2000

We spent our anniversary sailing, then spent the evening with friends in a huge hot tub! Today we went out for breakfast, I fixed up Denise’s car and Denise is collecting and organizing her paints and painting tools. Still waiting for word from Nate and Christine and Carol!

April 25, 2000

Check out the pictures!

April 24, 2000

Denise’s BIRTHDAY!
She had a wonderful trip to New Orleans! She feels like she is family again she says.
I guess Dad is having a great weekend, I have not found him home!
I just spoke to Al. It is 31º and snowing there in Vermont! There has been so much snow and rain that all the creeks are flooding and they have rivers in their driveways!
Hope all had a great Easter, we had a quiet day yesterday, Denise drove all night on the way back and needed to recover!

April 20, 2000

Denise is going to New Orleans tomorrow for the weekend!

The evening with relatives went fine, but Diane “spilled the beans” (figuratively, not literally). She told me Denise has taken a job…… as