Bible Repeats Example #3

Example #3 is a comparison of Isaiah 36 thru 39 (supposedly written 700-681 BC) (red strike through), to 2 Kings 18 to 20 (supposedly written 140+ years later 561-538 BC) (red underline). Remember that the black type indicates words are are exact in the two.

Isaiah in chapter 35 is talking about heaven on earth. Then in chapter 36, 37, 38, and 39 starts talking about kings. Then in chapter 40 goes on about heaven again. It is like four chapters were copied out of Kings and stuck in there.

Again, as in example #1 it is logical to think of Kings being written first, then the writer of Isaiah copying Kings, not the other way around. In general the writer of Isaiah added and deleted sentences and changed the wording of others. The wording changes could have been scrivener changes during translation. Again, why would someone who was writing about kings (2 Kings) pick up a 140 year old text (Isaiah) about heaven, and copy a bunch out of it? It is more logical for the writers of Isaiah to copy a bit about some kings to flesh out their book. In addition, the writers of 2 Kings mentioned Isaiah 13 times, so the writers seemed to be working at the same time, or the sections copied from Kings may have been added to Isaiah later.

Kings (underlined type) had background information, called the cities fenced, not “defenced”