Course Name: Basic Civil Engineering – Asphalt 
Asphalt is that black stuff that has potholes in it and ruins your car, right? Or, that stuff that folks in hard hats are always playing with, blocking traffic and making lives miserable – a good excuse when you are late to work.

The typical person only thinks about asphalt when it affects them detrimentally. But as a Construction professional who works with asphalt, our job is to make sure they never see us. How can we do that? This one hour online course outlines the problems that can arise when working with asphalt and the current solutions, helping you remain as invisible as possible. This course includes a multiple choice quiz at the end.

At the conclusion of this course, you will:

  • Be more familiar with the state of the asphalt industry and its history
  • Have reviewed the basics of asphaltic concrete and stone matrix asphalt
  • Be knowledgeable in asphaltic concrete maintenance
  • Have looked closely at several case histories investigating asphalt failures


A quick look at the data available on asphaltic concrete shows problems. The product is not perfect, even though ninety-six percent of all paved roads and streets in the U.S. – almost two million miles – are surfaced with asphalt and approximately 500 million tons of hot mix asphalt is placed every year.

Some of the problems with asphalt are poor longitudinal joint construction, rutting, deformation, cracking, abrasion, creep and slippage, and excessive permeability.

This course will touch on many of the problems, and the solutions presently entertained.

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