May 2000

rose1__bloomingA.gif (21302 bytes)It is SPRING!

May 22, 2000

Dad H. left for the north today, he plans to be at Amy’s this weekend, then Uncle John’s, then Sue’s June 4th or so.
I will be going out to Shell Key on the 21st to check out how the Audubon Society does the bird protection system, then our Chitester group will be going out Aug 27 with me as the leader.

May 20, 2000

Denise is out sailing! Not on this though! Nothing much else new, just work!

Tall ships, 1982

May 13, 2000

Happy Mother’s Dayto all of you special mom’s.

Below is the link to little Nathan Thomas Groom’s hospital web page:

Denise and her mom played (and her dad and I watched the group of about 25) at the Tampa Bay Fiddler’s Association last night. They did great!! They have a concert they will be giving on the 21st.