June 2004

June 24, 2004(Cont)

I met a little girl on my flight, she is 4 yours old (just had her birthday last week) that made me feel like I missed living near Amy and Sarah. The two of us played with her etch a sketch and then read a magazine together. She “knows a lot of things” and had fun

June 24, 2004

I am in the Dallas airport, waiting for my next flight – to San Jose, California!! Don will be picking me up and taking me with him and his son, Stephen out to Yosemite National Park where he will be flying. I slept the entire flight here and hope to get some more sleep on the way. It feels great to be on vacation!

Last weekend:

A tiny woodpecker out behind my home.

Pam’s mother, brother in-law, Pam, Pam’s Father and sister all ready to go fishing on Father’s Day.

Out on the bridge to Honeymoon Island getting set to fish.

Dad’s new chair!

Sisters taking pictures of dad in his new chair.

Part of the 30 car pile up I spent two hours waiting to be cleared so I could continue to work the other day.

June 14, 2004

Don wrote a note:

I’ve been busy at work and flying as mu