December 1998

December 26, 1998

We had a wonderful ride on the sailboat last night. The response from all the people onshore was outstanding. They clapped, sang, called out, showed flashlights, etc.. They were excited and made us feel excited and good too.
Dad and Tracey then went home, Nate, Justin and Adam played computer games till midnight, the two smaller ones played on the computers. They all had fun, Darrell and the two little ones slept in the boat, Justin and Adam slept on the pull out bed and on the couch. Everyone slept in then we had a big breakfast of eggs, french toast and pancakes (with Sue’s real maple syrup, thank you!), and ham. After all the guests left this noon we went to the mall to spend our Christmas presents. Nate got a CD changer, Denise got an outfit, and I got a massager. We had a very fun Christmas, thanks to Sue and Al, Dad, Darrell, Tracey, and all.

Michelle wrote:

Hello everyone,     Jim had his transition appointment yesterday.  He will receive clearing papers on December 30th.  The movers will be here on January 8th and 11th.  We clear housing on the 12th.  Jim’s last day in the army is JANUARY 13TH!!!  Finally a date.  A little later than what we had hoped for, but a date none the less.  It may change, this is the Army.  But as far as we know, it will be the 13th.     We also had our first ultrasound yesterday.  We are at 19 weeks and 5 days.  The due date is May 15th.  Everything looked good with the baby, very active.  I will try to make an appointment with my midwife before we leave, since we will be here a