April 2004

Updated Saturday, May 01, 2004   

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April 26, 2004

Pam and I worked on a trellis on the back porch:

I decided to make it out of driftwood from out back.

April 22, 2004

I ate my second tomato today, one bite! It was tiny but delicious.

Last month I copied a blurb about tax reduction. Tonight I listened to Sen. Steve King (R-Iowa) talk about the elimination of income taxes! He was discussing replacement of the income tax with a sales tax. Our national debt would disappear, savings would skyrocket, many people would lose their jobs as pencil pushers and have to get a productive job.

My idea is a little different. I think we should make the income tax a constant number. Just like the Social Security dollars they take out, I think the Income Tax number should be fixed. That way, whenever you get your pay check, that is your money, and you do not have to file, just like the SS portion, do you file paperwork on that? NO!