August 2003

Updated Thursday, September 04, 2003                 

August 22, 2003 (addendum)

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August 22, 2003

Dad is mending, he had surgery on his knee to reattach the ligaments to his kneecap on Tuesday. My YES meeting for tomorrow has been moved to Sept 6, so I am thinking of going up to help out Betty.

Note from Donald:

Hi John,
   I haven’t written in a while since there hasn’t been a lot of news.
Stephen is staying with me in California until school starts after Labor
Day.  He has been keeping busy.  He loves his on-line gaming (Cyber-Athlete
League).  He also took a driver’s education class (he will be eligible for
a trainer’s permit in December), takes twice weekly weight training classes
at the Y, has been on hang gliding trips with me and this week is going to
a nice day camp ( in the Santa Cruz redwoods.  His
favorite activity there is the high rope course.

   Stephanie is finding it challenging to live, work and get along alone in
the big city (LA/Hollywood).  She is doing well in school (all A’s since
she came to CA) at Santa Monica Junior