June 1998

June 27, 1998

I cannot believe 8 days has gone by, I have worked 80 hours and spent the rest visiting and meetings, and some sleep during that time. Here are three pictures from Justin’s graduation:

graduation1.jpg (59189 bytes)
graduation2.jpg (55585 bytes)
graduation3.jpg (50977 bytes)

June 19, 1998

Another country heard from! Denise’s sister Alicia Sell (alicia.sell@mci2000.com). We are off to the ballgame tonight!

June 18, 1998(update)

Just watched “The Edge”, it was interesting enough to keep us, after the first introduction. Hope everything works out and your bike gets fixed Darrell and you get back home OK! Keep on trucking!

June 18, 1998

Sue’s daughter in law Tammy, Dan’s daughter Courtney, Donald’s daughter Stephanie and David’s son Jim and daughter Heather each have new e-mail addresses on the Family Data Page. 
Today GTE is supposed to bring in the ISDN line to our office. I hope it works as well as it is touted, with us being able to communicate 12 times as fast as our current 56K connection.
Tomorrow Denise and I will be going to the Red Sox vs. Devil Rays game, should be fun! I had asked Dad to come last week but he had prayer meeting.

June 17, 1998

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