February 2002

February 26, 2002

Note from David:

  David and Jean Herrick are pleased to announce the arrival of our newest
grandchild, PAYTON DAVID LIVINGSTONE. Born 7:20 A.M.(Scotland time) to proud
parents Michael and Heather Livingstone.
  Mother and baby doing fine (this you can believe Dad Herrick)

February 25, 2002

Been busy, Friday Fiddlers, Saturday Jim came over and we played chess (beat him twice!) then Jackie came over, watched a movie, Sunday worked in the back yard, went to dinner with Phil, then met Southern Comfort Bill and Canada John at Captain K’s where I met Colleen from M\New Zealand. She is “on holiday” so I will be joining her to go to the Aquarium this afternoon!
Darrell wrote:
Hey all, We just got back from a wet weekend camping. Thank goodness for dry, warm campers with furnaces and microwaves. Our kind of camping. We watched movies and ate and ate and ate. It was a nice get away and back to work tomorrow. I loaded a bunch of photos on my own home page…bare bones but its a good way to post photos for family and friends to see. Hope everyone is healthy and happy. I vote that Dad took the 2002 spot on your list J