May 1999

May 23, 1999

We did go to the hospital party Friday night, after Denise worked til 8:30, and I studied till 10:30. I got up Sat AM to show the officers of the condo what is going wrong with the club house and how to fix it (the club house has some problems with it’s foundation). Then Nate and I went to the Engineering picnic. We played horeshoes, I won and received two tickets to the Devil Rays!! Then I won another pair of tickets during the raffle! Nate and I will take one set and Denise and I will take the other. When we got home, the AC broke on the car again, it only worked for one day! Then Nate bought himself a DVD player and one movie.. WaterBoy. Denise then told us we were going down to Sarasota for dinner. We did and had several games of cribbage: Dad L., Nate, and I during dinner. Then we came home and watched WaterBoy.
This morning I got up and met with a different lady who wishes to list our boat. I then filled out the forms (a very long process as they want to know every little detail!). Denise is studying, I need to start now!

May 21, 1999

Busy time, tonight Denise’s doctor friends are having a party, we may take the boat over. Tomorrow Nate and I are going to the FES picnic, Sunday a broker is coming to look over the boat to see about selling it. Next week is my final week of classes, then TEST time!

May 15, 1999

The floor goes to Jim Herrick, a proud poppa:

He’s here!  On the 11th of May, at 2101 (9:01 P.M.) Corbin Alan Herrick was born.  He came out at 7 pounds 8 1/2 ounces, 21″ long.  He scored a 10 on the Apgars scale, and took to nursing about an hour later.  He is perfect! He is tryin