April 1998

April 29, 1998

Our anniversay was today. Denise had been up all last night so she was not to anxious to go out and celebrate, so she made some delicious spagetti instead. I put together two different networks of computers the past few days at work, that was interesting! Don, do you know if TCP/IP and the network are incompatible? I have had quite a time after making a serial network (Direct Cable Connect) between two computers, then trying to get the one back out on the net via the modem.

I will be off to Dallas, Texas for the next two days, will be back in Tampa Friday at 11:48 PM!

April 26 update:

Pictures of the Triathalon.(and of Mom and Dad H’s new sliding glass door, very impressive!)

April 26, 1998

You won’t believe this but Denise, who has never swum a mile race in her life, has entered the Iron Man Marathon this morning. She has to swim a mile, bike 24 miles and run 6.2 miles. Wish her luck!!!

April 24,1998

It is 1:AM and Denise is home from work, she had a transplant tonight. Both of us took tomorrow to celebrate her birthday. Tonight I baked her a cake and got her a few small gifts, one a board to ski behind her father’s boat. She is up taking a bubble bath now, tomorrow she says she wants to sleep the day away!

April 23, 1998

We ran a 5K race (3.1 miles) last night! Denise ran it in 32 minutes and I make it in 40 minutes!! We then celebrated by eating pizza provided by my boss. We had a great time. This morning neither of us is even sore, we did well for people who never run.