November 1999

November 27, 1999

Wow, what a Thanksgiving!!

The above picture is of most of us; Denise Gregoire Herrick, Denise Gregoire, Bernard Gregoire, Anne Marie Brady, Ted Herrick, Thad Brady, Theresa Gregoire Loiselle, Charles Loiselle, Martine Gregoire (the kids at their table and me taking the pictures are not in it) but it shows the fine time had by all! If you had not noticed by the names, much of the conversation was in French! We had two 24 pound turkeys, one 10-pound ham (58 pounds of meat in all!) and all the fixings! The potatoes and the cranberry sauce were big hits, as well as the onions (thanks to my sister Sue who gave me the recipe over the phone!). Dad H. was the hit of the day, he told stories of his youth that kept all enthralled. Amy called from Ohio where she is visiting. Denise talked with Audra as well! Everyone took home more food than they came with!

Friday night (after Denise worked 12 hours) we raced down to Sarasota and had another big meal with five of the nine above at the Chart House. The Chart House is an exclusive restaurant and we had an excellent meal, thanks, Bernard.

Have you all checked out Stephen’s Home Page (below), the ball is cute, but did not give me the answer I wanted!!!!

PS the wedding of Nathan and Christine is now scheduled for ………December 31, 1999, in Chicago at the Navy Base.

November 23, 1999

The countdown for the new year is getting shorter!!

The floor to Donald:

Hi Everybody,
   This is the start of a busy week.