April 2002

Updated  Tuesday, August 06, 2002                 

April 30, 2002

And the winner!!!!:The final results are in, the judge has made her selections and they are ( drum roll ) Bris for the mama and Wellie for the offspring. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of a beef brisket or who have not sunk your teeth into beef Wellington you now know for what they are named. I am quite certain that there are some of you who feel that the name(s) that you proposed were as good or possibly better than those chosen, but you must remember that the selection of the name judge is final. If you think that there was any collusion, dishonesty or any other objectionable behavior by the name judge please send your concerns to me at this e-mail and I will promptly put them in the deleted file. Please also keep in mind that those of you who do complain, no matter how valid the complaint is, will be taken off our Christmas list for maple syrup. You are probably waiting to see who submitted the winning names, well here is a complete list of those fortunate individuals; Bris by John, and Wellie by Tracey. That would be John Herrick and Tracey Paxton by the way.I would like to thank all of you who submitted names to the contest. I now know who has been naughty or nice. Anybody get this one? I had to explain it to my wife!  Sincerely,  Alfred McVetty Name Game Chair

April 29,2002

I had an Awesome Weekend, went to Fiddlers and was greeted with applause,  cut out 9 animals for Amy, went swimming in the pool, went sailing with Jim and Jackie, went swimming, and worked more on the an