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Amy Rachel (Herrick) Baker(39)

  • Birth: 6/7

  Father: John Locke Herrick (38)
Mother: Norma Jean (Coffin)

  • Sex: F

Amy was born in Dunedin, Florida and was brought up in Oldsmar, Florida. She was a very good little one, never needing much correction, always wanting to do the right thing. She loved to hop up in my lap and do math problems. It was a game we played every night after I came home from work. She knew her addition, subtraction, multiplication tables up to 9, and was starting division…all before starting grade school! Her teachers did not know what to do with such a precocious child. She did very well in school, she even taught her classmates how to do algebra! 

She completed her bachelors degree in speech pathology at Florida State University (with straight A’s!) and completed her masters degree in speech pathology at Vanderbilt. After graduating from Vanderbilt she was a teacher in the ‘Kennedy Krieger Institute Center for Autism and Related Disorders’. As Bill