Henry (Henrie) John Herrick (Herick, Hericke, Heyricke)(29)

  • Birth: 8/16/1604 (Beau Manor)
  • Death: 7/20/1671 (Beverly, Massachusetts)

Father: Sir William Herrick (28)
Mother: Joan May

Spouse: Edith

  • Sex: M

Biography Notes…

Born at Beau Manor, he was named “by command of” (after) Prince Henry, the oldest son of James I, who had knighted his father. His sponsors were Sir David Murray, Sir John Spellman and Lady Astor. He was first cousin of the Reverand Robert Herrick, the poet. He came from Leicestershire England to Salem Mass (Naumkeag) June 24, 1629 on the ship “Lyon” [William Pierce, Master; sailed from Bristol] . Leicester (les’tër) is the city, Leicestershire is the county, famous for long wooled sheep. He was a member of the First Church in Salem in 1629. A yoeman (was free), on 19 October 1630 he requested and then was admitted as a freeman (citizen) in 18 May 1631 and was a proprietor (lando