Thomas Eyricke (26)

  • Birth: 1470 (or 1479)
  • Death: 1518

Father: Robert Eyrick(25)
Mother: Agnes


  • Sex: M

Biography Notes…

Gentleman of Houghton, in Leicester.. the first name on the books of that Corporation. His will is dated 8/25/1517, he is buried in St. Martin’s Church.
Note: by the account of “The Lord and Locke Genealogy”, Thomas was the brother of John Eyricke, not his father. ( Lord- Locke 1956), but Gen Jebediah Herrick has Thomas born in 1513, when Thomas was 34 (or 43).

(from Knowltons, 1897, and 13. 10. in “A Genealogical Register” by Gen. Jedediah Herrick)

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