Eric the Forester (13)

  • Birth: ABOUT 1040
  • Death:

Great Grandfather: Ericke King of East Anglia (11)


  • Sex: M

Biography Notes…

Grandson of Ericke. Raised an army from his extensive lands in Leichester, England, to oppose the invasion of William the Conqueror. He lost both the battle and his lands. He was taken in by Prince William, commanded his forces, then was allowed to go home to Leicestershire (from Knowltons, 1897 and Lord- Locke 1836).

Abigail Erick of Leicestershire descended from the most ancient family of the Ericks, who derived their lineage from Erick the Forester, a great commander, who raised an army to oppose the invasion of William the Conqueror, by whom he was vanquished, but afterwards employed to command that Prince’s forces, and in his old age retired to his’ house in Leistershire, where his family have continued ever since, but declining every age, are now in the condition of very private gentlemen. The family of Eric, which has produced many eminent men, is still represented by two respectable branches, the Heyricks of Leicestertown, and the Herricks of Beau-Manor.

William I, 1066-1087

William I (William Duke of Normandy, William the Conqueror) 1066-1087

In person, William I was said to be a man of great stature with the thundering voice one might expect from one of history’s most remarkable f