The family of John Heyrick (27)& Mary (Bond):

  • Children:
    [Note: Lord and Locke(1956) indicates 12 children with Sir William (28) being the fifth child and the fifth son.]
    1. Alice
    2. (30**) Ursula (1536-1614) married James Hawes of London, Merchant; buried  in St. Vedast
    3. (31**) Agnes; married William Davie
    4. (32**) Robert (1540-1618).. .. son of the John Heyricke, Robert, his eldest, who was born in the year 1540. He was brought up to his father’s business of an ironmonger. He married Elizabeth Manby, a neighbor’s daughter, and in due time succeeded to his father’s business, occupying the. house and shop already referred to as standing in the Market Place at the corner of Cheapside. He had a large family-two sons and nine daughters. He was thrice Mayor of his native town (in 1584. ‘593. and 1605), and at all times took an active and disinterested part in public matters. Much of this will be gleaned from his letters in the collections which follow these remarks. He was during the latter part of his life the constant correspondent and agent of his brother Sir Wm. Heyricke, for whom he had a strong brotherly affection, and to whom he delighted to communicate the news of passing events in the town of their early home – a habit doubtless thoughly appreciated and enjoyed by the younger man amidst the din and turmoil of city life. Alderman Robert Heyricke died in 1618. and the following quaint inscription on an upright slab is to be found near to that of his father’s In S. Martin’s Church, Leicester:
    • Here lyeth the bodie of Robert He