Eight generations back from me, John Locke Herrick.

Captain John Locke 

  • Birth: Sept 1627 (baptized Sept. 16, 1627) London, England
  • Death: 8/26/1696 Rye, NH (killed by Indians)

Father: Thomas Locke
Mother: Christine French

Spouse: Elizabeth Berry (m. 1652)

  • Sex: M

In 1620, during the reign of James I, the religious and political persecutions drove the Puritans from England and forced them to find a home on foreign shores. This emigration continued for a long period and in constantly increasing numbers. To stop this drain on his kingdom, Charles I ordered every person emigrating to take the oath of supremacy and allegiance: this had two effects. One was, that all who took the oath were thus privileged in having their names, time of sailing, and, in many cases, their place of birth, age, and occupation, recorded in the office. On the other hand, hundreds refusing to sign away their independence were forced to sail surreptitiously leaving no trace behind, and so their first movement was recorded on American shores. Our own John Loc