Ericke (or Eohric) King of East Anglia (11)

  • Birth: about 870
  • Death: 905

Father: Harold VIII (10)


  • Sex: M

Biography Notes…

A Danish Chief. He invaded England during the reign of Alfred. He and his followers lost the battle and were forced to live in the waste lands of East Anglia (now Leicestershire). He was the head of the government as a fief of the crown. He then tried to incite Danish power against the English (overthrow the government) but was defeated by Edward (899-924), son of Alfred (871-899). 

From Holinshed’s Chronicle, Sixt Booke, page 680:

Anno 911 ” After this, other of the Danes assembled themselves togither, and in Staffordshire, at a place called Tottenhall, fought with the Englishmen, and after a great slaughter made on both parties, the Danes were overcome, and so likewise were they afterwards at Woodfield, or Woodenfield. And thus King Edward put the Danes to the woorse in each place commonlie where he came; and hearing that those in Northumberland went to breake the peace, he invaded the countrie, and so afflicted the same, that the Danes which were inhabitants there, gladly continued in rest and peace.”

From Polydore Virgil: