Twenty nine generations before me, John Locke Herrick

Goda (or Godgifu) The Lady Godiva

  • Birth: 980 Mercia, England
  • Death: 10 Sep 1067, Coventry, England


Spouse: Loefric Earl of Mercia 


  • Aelfgar “Alfgar” III “The Saxon” Earl (1002-1059)
  • LeofineHereward‘The Wake’ Lord of Bourne, Thegn of Mercia 
  • Erminhild Mercia(1005-1050)  

  • Sex: F

Lady Godiva never rode naked, especially in Coventry. Lady Godiva was very religious, she gave her wealth (denuded herself of her wealth) to the church: that is where the nude came from, a mistranslated or misunderstood word. Besides, Coventry was not even a town in the year 1000 when she was alive.

The earliest known version of the story occurs in the Chronicle of Roger of Wendover (fn. 1) (d. 1237), and may be rendered as follows: From: ‘The City of Coventry: The legend of Lady Godiva’, A History of the County of Warwick: Volume 8: The City of Coventry and Borough of Warwick (1969), pp. 242-247. UR