Uncle Joseph

Joseph Herrick, Esquire

  • Birth: 8/6/1645
  • Death: 2/4/1717 (1718)

Father: Henry Herrick(29)
Mother: Editha

Spouse #1: Sara (Leach) 1666

Spouse #2: Mary (Endicott) 1679

  • Sex: M
  • baptized 8-6-1645

Biography Notes…

Born in Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, lived in Cherry Hill. Married Sara Leach 7 February 1666/1667. Inherited 1/3 share of the Alford 200 acre farm, 1/3 share in the 106 acre farm purchased from Skerry and domestic animals. Joseph was an attorney.

Married Mary (Endicott) 1679.

SALEM WITCHCRAFT DELUSIONS.- Upon an investigation of all the available literature bearing. upon the subject, quite a number of Herrick’s figured more or less prominently in the prosecutions in the celebrated Witchcraft Delusions which occurred at Salem, Mass., in the latter part of the seventeenth century. Fortunately none of them were among the victims, and we are glad to find that the records of that time show that one of the first to break away from the thralldom of the terrible delusion, and oppose it, was a Herrick  • “-Upham’s Salem Witchcraft, Vol. I, pp. 153-4.

Joseph (1645-1718) (fifth son of the immigrant Henry of Salem, brother of my ancestor Henry Herrick (30) ) was the acting constable of the place, and, as such, concerned in the early proceedings connected with the witchcraft prosecutions. For awhile he was under the influence of the delusion, but his strong a