The anhinga, sometimes called snakebirddarterAmerican darter, or water turkey, is a water bird of the warmer parts of the Americas.  Like other darters, the anhinga hunts by spearing fish and other small prey using its sharp, slender beak. I know how sharp it is, I rescued one one time and it bit my finger. The serrated top and bottom of its beak sliced easily into my finger down to the bone. I keep my hands away now. 
It swims slowly underwater, stalking fish around submerged vegetation. Anhingas typically spear fish through their sides with a rapid thrust of their partially opened bill. 
A friend of mine said that most people think of this bird as a “snake”bird, with the emphasis on the “snake”. She was glad that I was showing that the bird is really not so scary, in fact they are beautiful!!

2.She is grooming away!