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Jon Hewlett had access to a telescope!

Jon - sunspots


More sunspots




Sun flares!!


More sun flares!!




Below are the photos I took using my camera! I left Sunday evening (8-20-2017) at 11 PM. I drove the 635 miles to Clemson University and got there at 8 AM on 8-21. I slept for an hour in my car, then went to the park area and took these photographs. I left at 4 PM and got home almost 12 hours later at 3:30 because the traffic was so bad!

John let me use the filter from the top of his telescope (all my orange pics were taken using it).


Just starting.


Through a pinhole on a piece of paper!


Checking it out using a welders mask!

Using the glasses the university gave out:


Some clouds got in the way:


Sufficient clouds that I could take this with no filter:


Back to the filter as the clouds moved away:


It started getting dark:


The eclipse was almost full:


Totally full eclipse with a hint of the sun flares on the upper right and the lower right:


Coming out of the 100% eclipse.


Sun becoming more prominent (taken through the sun eclipse glasses):




I was at the 100% line!!





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