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Susan and Al McVetty maple sugaring - Spring 2014

Photos by Molly McVetty

The crew, Al, Jennifer's dad, Jennifer, AJ and Susan McVetty 2014

Mike McVetty drilling hole in maple tree (years ago!)

First a hole is drilled into a maple tree and a spile is driven into the tree.

( not Molly's photo, )

A bucket is hung on the spile ......

.........and maple sap fills the bucket!

Bring up the pails (note the buckets on the trees!).

Even the dogs "helped"....

.....love the wooden handle, and the finger nails Molly!

Molly emptying the sap bucket into the gathering bucket..

AJ pouring the bucket of sap into the plastic gathering tank mounted on Al's tractor.

Susan, always running for something!

The sap is brought down to the maple sugar house (Sue and Al's house in background).

Hooking up the tank to the sugar shack to empty the maple sap.


AJ draining the sap into the sugar shack holding tank before going into the evaporator.

AJ keeping the fire going in the evaporator to boil down the sap to make the maple syrup. 

Al working, boiling down the sap. Everything needs to be sterile!

Jen and her father and Cal. Snacks on counter. Cloth filter and pot on upper left (one of several filters before canning). Just about syrup!

The result - HOMEMADE PURE REAL MAPLE SYRUP from Sue and Al's place!


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